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Get Microsoft Office Free or Cheap

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This information provided as a free service by Laptop Academy.



  • Free Copy For Snitches - If you were sold a pirate copy of Microsoft Office, you can get a FREE copy of Microsoft Office by snitching. But it has to be a top-quality bootleg. Click here.

  • 95% Student Discount - If you (or a friend of yours) are a student enrolled in at least 1/2 credit at a college, you can purchase Office Ultimate 2007 for $60. Click here.
  • 60-Day Trial - If not, you can download a 60-day free trial. Click here.
  • Full Purchase - If none of the above apply, you'll need to purchase the product. Our favorite price-comparison tool is PriceGrabber.com. If you own an older version of Office, search for:

         microsoft office professional 2007 upgrade

    If you do not own a previous version, search for:

         microsoft office professional 2007

    Sort the search results by 'Price, lowest to highest'.

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